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This Is How Our Story Began

Jiang Chipao™ is founded by Lydia Jiang Xinyun, who was born in a family of Qipao tailoring. After her graduation from fashion design in Italy, she created her own label 「Jiang Chipao™」in the year 2000 and started her entrepreneurship journey with 12 flagship stores in Chengdu, China. 

The design of Jiang Chipao™ has incorporated the unique culture of Sichuan, also combining the modern contemporary fashion design catering to ladies all across the world. The three distinctive colour themes of Jiang Chipao™ design are Modern Black, Noble White & Passionate Red. This can be identified in the classic collection. 

Besides selling the premium bespoke Qipao, Lydia has also formed the "Jiang Chipao Prestige Club" in different countries and organised many international Qipao shows for the club members to present their inner beauty and promote cross-cultural sharing. Since 2013, Lydia has launched various shows in the China, United States, Australia, France, Milan, Italy, Dubai, South Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, also in the United Kingdom back in 2017. 

UK Jiang Chipao

Lydia's Fashion & Business Achievements

  • Founder and Director of Jiang Chipao™ International

  • Founder and President of Jiang Chipao™ International Prestige Club

  • Founder and President of Jiang Chipao™ Charity Foundation 

  • President of the Chinese Qipao Society in China 

  • 2014 Chengdu Modern New Woman

  • 2016 China Entrepreneurs: Outstanding Woman of the Year

  • 2016 The World’s Most Distinguished Chinese Award

  • 2017 Sichuan: Outstanding Woman of the Year

  • Committee member of the Sichuan Federation of Industry and Commerce

  • 2019 Legendary Entrepreneur of Chengdu Fashion Industry

  • 2020 President of Chengdu Fashion Industry Association 

2021 JCP Top 10 China Innovative Fashion Brand.jpeg


Jiang Chipao has been awarded as the Top 10 innovative fashion brand in China

Meet Our UK Ambassadors

Cllr. Lawrence Williams

UK Jiang Chipao Prestige Club

Honourable Gold Member

David Jones

UK Jiang Chipao Prestige Club

Honourable Gold Member

Betty H.W. Yeung

UK Jiang Chipao Prestige Club

Main Branch Chairlady,

UK Wisdom Foundation Vice Chairlady

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Samantha Louise Emma

Miss England Social Media,

Miss South Coast, Miss Poole

& Miss Dorset


Janet Ho

UK Jiang Chipao Prestige Club

South Dorset Branch Chairlady,

Miss Classic Diamond Dorset


Lin Chen

UK Jiang Chipao Prestige Club

Liverpool Branch Chairlady

Tina Tin london chairlady.jpg

Tina Tin

UK Jiang Chipao Prestige Club

London Branch Chairlady


Michelle Zhang

UK Jiang Chipao Prestige Club

Portsmouth Branch Chairlady


Marie Hong

UK Jiang Chipao Prestige Club

Bournemouth Branch Chairlady,

Bournemouth Chinese School Ex-Principal

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