2020 Europe Jiang Chipao

Virtual Qipao Catwalk Contest

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Donate £20 & collect this Limited Edition Satin Silk Pen Buddies Scarf

Remember to enter your dedicated promo code upon check-out to payment (You will receive that after the contest form submission). All donations count towards your Jiang Chipao 2020 Virtual Qipao Catwalk charitable title.

献上20英镑捐款即获得英国江旗袍赞助英国智慧基金国际笔友活动的限量版全丝丝巾。记得在付款前填上您专属的PROMO CODE(呈交参赛报名表格后将获得您专属的PROMO CODE)。筹获最高的参赛者将获得「Most Charitable Diamond Jiang Chipao」的荣誉。