2019 British B.C.P Council Cultural & Business Exchange in Chengdu, China.

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

In 2019, we have organised a UK-China Cultural & Business Exchange tour for our Prestige Club members & friends to visit our headquarter in Chengdu, China and explore the potential investment opportunities in the art & cultural industry. Great to have the companion of:

Councillor Lawrence Williams

(UK Jiang Chipao Prestige Club Honourable Gold Member

& Wisdom Foundation Honourable UK Charity Ambassador),

Councillor Jane Kelly

(Wisdom Foundation Honourable UK Charity Ambassador)

David Jones

(Principal of ETC Bournemouth International College

& UK Jiang Chipao Prestige Club Honourable Gold Member) and

Janet Ho

(UK Jiang Chipao Prestige Club South Dorset Branch President,

Miss Classic Diamond Dorset

& Wisdom Foundation Pen Buddies Project UK Ambassador),

Thank you to the China Chengdu Chamber of Commerce and China JinJiang District Council, also the precious time from our brand founder, Lydia Jiang, our UK Jiang Chipao Spokeslady @ Prestige Club President, Betty Yeung and fellow Chinese Councillors.


Our UK Prestige Club members also participated in the China Qipao Show Contest, sharing the greatest joy through art & cultural performance.


Article updated on 25 February 2021

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