A day with Lydia Jiang - The founder of Jiang Chipao™

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

2015 China Woman Excellent Entrepreneur

2016 Global Excellent Chinese Achievement Award Holder

2017 SiChuan, China Excellent Lady

Designer, Lecturer, Chinese Poet, Mother, Lover and the soul of Jiang Chipao™!


Founder of Jiang Chipao™, Lydia Jiang Xinyun

Qipao (Also known as Cheongsam) is an iconic elegant body-fitting dress for lady, also the national dress of The Republic of China. Originated from Chengdu China, Jiang Chipao™ stands out with the fusion of the East and West modern design. It is the soul of sophisticated, noble and seductive modern lady.

A suitable Qipao will shines out your inner beauty, enhances your self-confidence and elegancy. It should be tailor-made to your own characteristics and fit to your body contour. Lydia was born in a family of Qipao business since 1979. She then studied in Italy and founded the label in year 2000 with 12 flagship stores in Chengdu, China.

Besides selling bespoke Qipao, Lydia is also actively playing a role as the ambassador of Chinese culture in global arena through organising various International Chinese Qipao Runway Modelling Contest and Show, to provide a professional stage for all ladies to showcase their inner beauty and elegant performance. This is also one of the core mission of our UK Jiang Chipao Prestige Club.

Since 2013, Lydia has spearheaded our Miss Jiang Chipao Catwalk Contest in the United States, Australia, France, Milan, Italy, Dubai, South Korea, Thailand, also in the United Kingdom back in 2017. Within the same year, Lydia has been invited by the UK China Embassy to host a Talk Session on Chinese National Dress Culture. In the following year, Lydia came back to UK as the honourable guest speaker at the UK-China Business & Cultural Forum in Bournemouth.


"I think my key of success is being persistent and passionate on what I love - to embrace Chinese Qipao Culture and help more ladies around the world to recognise their inner beauties.",

Lydia Jiang Xinyun


Lydia at our Chengdu HeadQuarter


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