1. Professional modelling training x 2 sessions (Provided by House of iKons’ trainers):

• Full Training: 28th July 2019 (Time & Venue to be updated) 

• Top-up Training: 14th September 2019 (Time & Venue to be updated) 


2. Professional makeup artist & hairstylist by House of iKons on the show day


3. Professional studio portrait photoshoot on 28th July 2019 with JiangChipao™ designer dress worth over thousands pound (*)


4. Opportunity to be featured in JiangChipao™ International Magazine as JiangChipao™ UK spokeswoman (*)


5. Professional runway modelling photo & video on the show day. Images are to be published via BBC, House of iKons & JiangChipao™ International media  


6. Lifetime membership of JiangChipao™ Prestige Club to enjoy:    

• Exclusive rebate for designer clothing, accessories & training courses    

• Private invitation to prestige international fashion events    

• JiangChipao™ Limited Edition Trendy Handmade Satin Silk Scarf worth £109 (Full payment in advanced upon registration - please click here)

London House of iKons Training (Non-refundable Registration Fee)

  • 1. This £100 is the non-refundable registration fee. Add this product into cart and proceed via Paypal Credit Card payment gateway. 


    2. If you wish to proceed with manual online banking payment, please contact


    3. You will be contacted within 24 hours working day for further information update including training course date, time & venue. For more enquiries and flexible arrangement, please contact 

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