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UK Jiang Chipao™ Prestige Club is an exclusive membership designed to promote Chinese Qipao Culture and Heritage, at the same time providing you with a platform to embrace your (both ladies and gentlemen) inner beauty and self-confidence through Qipao Show.


Membership Requirements 会员资格

• You need to be 18 years old and above, residing in the United Kingdom (Junior members who are under 18 years old need to have parent’s consent). 必须年满18岁,并且居住在英国(未满18周岁的未成年人需要获得父母的同意) • Eligible through member introduction only with the approval from Main/ Sponsored Club’s Committees. 最总入会资格将由公司管理层审批 • A minimum of 5 members (Ideally 10) are needed in order to form a Sponsored Club with the official endorsement from Main Club’s Committees. 若要开分会(做为分会会长)必须有至少5名会员(理想10名会员) • Committees of respective Sponsored Club is appointed by the Sponsored Club’s Chairperson. 分会的委员理事将有分会会长决定 • You need to be passionate in Chinese Qipao Culture and Heritage, also willing to attend club’s activities and events voluntarily (Estimated 3 – 10 within a year). 必须对中国旗袍文化充满热情,也要自愿参加旗袍文化活动 • All activities and events with the member participation under code of conducts listed below. 必须遵守以下会员守则

Code of Conducts 会员守则

• All members should be friendly, positive thinking and sharing quality time in club; 会员之间应友善对待,互相分享对旗袍文化的理念 • All members’ and activities’ information are strictly private and confidential; 会员之间所分享的故事必须绝对保密,不能够对外加以宣传 • UK Jiang Chipao Prestige Club is a cultural sharing platform, also exclusive for special discount on all Jiang Chipao online store items; 会员们可以分享「江旗袍」定制旗袍以及周边产品或训练班的独家折扣 • All members and club chairpersons need to take own responsible to any money transaction withinthe club account. 若有任何金钱的流动,分会会长们应承担所有的账务责任

Privacy & Site Cookies Policy 隐私和网站政策

It is important for you to read through the Privacy & Site Cookies Policy before signing up as our UK JiangChipao™ Prestige Club (UKJCPC) member. Shall there be any further enquiries, please feel free to email us at ------ 在您注册成为英国「江旗袍」名媛名仕 UK JiangChipao™Prestige Club(UKJCPC)会员之前,请务必阅读《隐私和网站政策》。如有任何其他疑问,请随时通过邮件 于我们联系。

Choose Your Membership Plan


    Every year
    UK Jiang Chipao Prestige Club
    • Annual £180 Membership Fee (Pay Every Year)
    • 年续180英镑会员费(每年付费)
    • Exclusive Invitation to International Private Events & Shows
    • 独家邀请至国际私人旗袍文化以及时装宴会活动和表演
    • £180 Rebate on Jiang Chipao Modern Qipao Purchase
    • 180英镑「江旗袍」定制旗袍折扣优惠
    • FREE JCP x Pen Buddies Charity Scarf x 1*
    • *While stock last!
    • 免费 JCP x Pen Buddies 慈善丝巾 x 1